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The Fan Token provides a new way for clubs, singers, and celebrities to interact with their fans. At first, it was released by some big football and basketball clubs. Fan Token is a kind of crypto asset with a unique advantage. It certifies that fan’s digital identity! Therefore, it gives him access to many ways to participate in promotions and the life of the club or his idols. Thus, it complements the famous fan membership programs.

Imagine having the right to vote on important issues for your club at heart. Or else, decide on colors for a promotional shirt. Imagine being able to decide on matters of interest on digital channels. For example, choosing models for the official shirt, signings, the music that plays in the stadium… As well as so many other decisions that clubs and celebrities could offer in their Fan Token program to the people who provide their existence: their fans and their fans.

The opportunities are practically endless! The limit is only the creativity of the artist’s or club’s marketing team. Even because, they can create real engagement programs around their Fan Tokens. Right to access to dressing rooms, access to idols, access to the pitch, discounts on tickets and shows, autographed shirt raffles, and much more.

How does Fan Token work?

fan token

On the technical side, a Fan Token is very similar to a cryptocurrency. That is, interested parties can buy it, keep it, transfer it and sell it. Thus, the individual who buys and has possession of the Fan Token receives a public certificate that guarantees that he, and only he, is the owner of that right with his heart club or his idol.

That is, the flag behind the Token, whether it is a team, an artist, or any organization or person that draws crowds, can identify your fan/customer/supporter. In addition, it also allows access to the most diverse promotions, experiences, and services.

So, regarding economic usage, Fan Token is part of a crypto category known as Utility Token. In other words, a digital asset does not necessarily have an investment characteristic, but rather a utility. Therefore, the project owner defines the price he will charge for his Fan Token, what benefits are associated with it, whether it can be resold or not, and other features that can be customized for each project.

It’s a real revolution in how fans and teams interact, fans and artists, and even companies and customers who can migrate their loyalty programs to similar tokens.

Interested in launching your Fan token and don’t know where to start? Don’t stay out of this, book a conversation with us and let’s SOLVE it together.

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