Compliance and ESG- Blockchain as a solution


Do you see blockchain as a solution for compliance? If you’ve ever tried to raise funds for your company, you’ve certainly heard of the acronym ESG. Or Environmental, Social, and Governance. This is because the topic is increasingly present at the table of large investors. First, it is not new that one of the challenges […]

Software Development as Innovation

When we enter the stage of software development itself, we encounter seemingly intimidating obstacles. Whether it’s a mobile app, a web system, an analytical tool for BigData, or an environment to integrate systems. There are different technologies (languages, libraries, frameworks, relational or non-relational databases, hardware, drivers, operating systems, etc.). In addition, they develop, branch, and […]

Crypto Universe – The Blockchain Revolution and Its Impact

Let us then understand the blockchain technology revolution in our lives and the emergence of a true Crypto Universe. Initially, technology provided the emergence of the famous Bitcoin digital currency. Ensuring, in this case through encryption, that your transactions were carried out safely and reliably. All this is without a company, a government, or even […]

What is Blockchain? Understand its advantages!


Do you know what blockchain (blockchain in literal translation) is? It is a digital transaction ledger that stores information that becomes difficult to hack or change. Thus, it allows direct negotiation between individuals safely, without government, bank, or other third-party intermediation. The growing list of records, called blocks, are linked using encryption. In this way, […]

Importance of UX and UI in application development

When we think about developing an application of excellence, we must have some concerns. Logic, which executes business rules behind the scenes is one of them. But the main factor is to make the App easily usable. That is, allows the user to interact with it intuitively, eliminating the need for long training. This is […]

Fan Token – solution for fans and fans

The Fan Token provides a new way for clubs, singers, and celebrities to interact with their fans. At first, it was released by some big football and basketball clubs. Fan Token is a kind of crypto asset with a unique advantage. It certifies that fan’s digital identity! Therefore, it gives him access to many ways […]

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